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The MINI 3 Door Hatch

From £18,848

The brand new MINI Cooper 3 door Hatch has grown up. This iconic MINI embodies the essence of low-centre-of-gravity handling and exhilarating go-kart feel, and most of all a sense of fun. It's just got better, speedier, safer, and more sophisticated than ever before. It's all about the drive with MINI.

ModelColourNew OTRSaveNow
MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper ClassicMelting Silver£20,009.60 £1,161.58 £18,848.02
MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper ClassicMidnight Black£20,159.60 £1,170.58 £18,989.02
MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper ClassicWhite Silver£20,660.00 £1,200.60 £19,459.40
MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper SportMidnight Black£22,509.20 £1,311.55 £21,197.65
MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper SportStarlight Blue£22,509.20 £1,311.55 £21,197.65
MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper ExclusiveEnigmatic Black£23,484.80 £1,370.09 £22,114.71
MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper S ClassicMelting Silver£25,709.60 £1,753.58 £23,956.02
MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper S ClassicMoonwalk Grey£25,709.60 £1,753.58 £23,956.02
MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper S ClassicStarlight Blue£25,709.60 £1,753.58 £23,956.02
MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper S SportWhite Silver£26,709.20 £1,813.55 £24,895.65
MINI 3-Door Hatch Cooper S SportMidnight Black£27,209.60 £1,843.58 £25,366.02
MINI 60 Years EditionBritish Racing Green IV£29,894.00 £2,004.64 £27,889.36
MINI 3-Door Hatch JCW HatchWhite Silver£32,664.80 £1,920.89 £30,743.91
MINI 3-Door Hatch JCW HatchWhite Silver£32,664.80 £1,920.89 £30,743.91
MINI 3-Door Hatch JCW HatchRebel Green£33,713.60 £1,983.82 £31,729.78

The MINI 5 Door Hatch

From £18,776

The brand new MINI Cooper 5 door Hatch mixes trademark MINI attitude with more doors, more head space and more leg room. And it's also better connected than ever before thanks to its in-car SIM card and MINI Connected services. With its powerful and efficient TwinPower Turbo engine, it's time to embrace those weekend adventures.

ModelColourNew OTRSaveNow
MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper ClassicPepper White£19,934.00 £1,157.04 £18,776.96
MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper ClassicStarlight Blue£20,459.60 £1,188.58 £19,271.02
MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper ClassicStarlight Blue£20,859.20 £1,212.55 £19,646.65
MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper ClassicStarlight Blue£20,870.00 £1,213.20 £19,656.80
MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper ExclusiveStarlight Blue£24,110.00 £1,407.60 £22,702.40
MINI 5-Door Hatch Cooper S SportStarlight Blue£27,909.20 £1,885.55 £26,023.65

The MINI Clubman

From £20,953

The striking MINI Cooper Clubman is designed to cause a stir with a bold and distinctive design, but it's not just eye candy. More versatile than ever, it's the MINI to suit all occasions with a zippy 1.5-Litre engine. The MINI Clubman has enough sleek design, technology and smart features to take your eye and steal your heart.

ModelColourNew OTRSaveNow
MINI Clubman Cooper ClassicStarlight Blue£23,844.80 £2,891.69 £20,953.11
MINI Clubman Cooper ClassicChili Red£24,544.40 £2,933.66 £21,610.74
MINI Clubman Cooper S ExclusiveWhite Silver£31,444.40 £3,347.66 £28,096.74
MINI Clubman Club JCWThunder Grey£37,594.40 £3,716.66 £33,877.74
MINI Clubman Club JCWWhite Silver£39,534.80 £3,833.09 £35,701.71

The MINI Countryman

From £24,302

From city streets to winding country roads, the MINI Cooper Countryman has the power to do it all. This is a car that helps you fit more in, both into the boot with an impressive 450 litres of space and into your weekends with a lust for adventure. It's time to leave the city behind and discover just how much the weekend has to offer.

ModelColourNew OTRSaveNow
MINI Countryman Cooper ClassicIsland Blue£26,344.40 £2,041.66 £24,302.74
MINI Countryman Cooper ClassicIsland Blue£26,844.80 £1,571.69 £25,273.11
MINI Countryman Cooper ClassicMelting Silver£26,844.80 £1,571.69 £25,273.11
MINI Countryman Cooper ClassicEnigmatic Black£27,044.00 £1,583.64 £25,460.36
MINI Countryman Cooper ClassicMidnight Black£29,100.80 £2,207.05 £26,893.75
MINI Countryman Cooper ClassicWhite Silver£29,309.60 £2,219.58 £27,090.02
MINI Countryman Cooper ExclusiveMidnight Black£29,244.80 £1,715.69 £27,529.11
MINI Countryman Cooper SportMidnight Black£30,244.40 £1,775.66 £28,468.74
MINI Countryman Cooper SportMelting Silver£30,444.80 £1,787.69 £28,657.11
MINI Countryman Cooper SportMelting Silver£30,744.80 £1,805.69 £28,939.11
MINI Countryman PHEV ExclusiveChili Red£37,344.80 £2,701.69 £34,643.11
MINI Countryman PHEV ExclusiveThunder Grey£37,844.00 £2,731.64 £35,112.36
MINI Countryman John Cooper WorksIsland Blue£37,394.00 £2,204.64 £35,189.36
MINI Countryman Sport PHEVThunder Grey£41,704.40 £2,963.26 £38,741.14
MINI Countryman John Cooper WorksWhite Silver£42,384.80 £2,504.09 £39,880.71

The MINI Convertible

From £21,737

Created for an exciting top-down drive, the brand new MINI Cooper Convertible is fully-loaded with the latest MINI technology and innovations, making this open-air drive an inspirational and thrilling ride. Did we mention that the fully electric roof deploys in just 18 seconds? That's 18 seconds between you and fresh air. So get your shades ready.

ModelColourNew OTRSaveNow
MINI Convertible Cooper ClassicPepper White£23,084.00 £1,346.04 £21,737.96
MINI Convertible Cooper ExclusivePepper White£23,484.80 £1,370.09 £22,114.71
MINI Convertible Cooper ClassicMidnight Black£23,609.60 £1,377.58 £22,232.02
MINI Convertible Cooper ClassicPepper White£24,034.40 £1,403.06 £22,631.34
MINI Convertible Cooper ClassicMidnight Black£24,245.60 £1,415.74 £22,829.86
MINI Convertible Cooper SportWhite Silver£24,544.40 £1,433.66 £23,110.74
MINI Convertible Cooper SportCaribbean Aqua£27,509.60 £1,611.58 £25,898.02
MINI Convertible Cooper S SportChili Red£30,659.60 £3,550.58 £27,109.02

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